Who are you and how did you end up here?

I am a web developer trying to make the web a more beautiful place.

I’m mainly a web developer and I understand between development and design, the former is much less glamorous. Even I tell women at bars I’m a web designer.

While technically that is true (as you can see), it’s more interesting to talk about pretty looking sites than jQuery functions and CSS properties.

On this blog, I intend to spice up front-end development.

How do you intend to appeal to the folks that have real lives and get laid?

In college I studied politics. If there is one thing that excites people more than talking about the issue is arguing about them.

We as designers and developers are problem solvers. Inevitably, there are many ways to approach a problem and there will be conflict among designers and developers.

Well, there should be. Most of them think the conflict is between them and their clients. However, I’m pretty sure the guys with the money are in charge. Too many web design blogs display content and assume that’s how things are done and their readers tend to agree.

I do the same thing too but I’m just a rookie in this industry so I expect people to challenge my thinking. That, to me, is exciting.

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What else do you talk about when you’re not fapping to the latest release of Google Chrome?

There is my first love, video games. I am bonkers about football and baseball. And of course, politics. This blog is about me and the readers who wish to worship me and/or destroy me.

I may be trying to sex up this profession, but even I get bored talking about it all the time.

Tell me about your libertarian wingnut ideology.

I myself am a proponent of the free market and of individual freedom.

All people should live free to succeed or fail. Free to be vocal and deal with the consequences.

For too long, people assume that progress means that our government should intrude further into our lives. That is wrong. Technology has shown that people want to be free. People want to globalize, not isolate.

Why do you blog. Seriously, why? You suck.

I admit, I'm not the best writer out there. But I have ideas that I need to express. I try to keep things short so people can get what they need to know without dozing off.

What do you have to offer, besides a rash?

I never surrender to obstacles. I am willing to lose sleep over fixing minor issues. I'm so detail-oriented that other detail-oriented people tell me to look at the bigger picture. I will learn a brand new programming language just to do one thing with that language.

I play to win, I work to win.

NameSai-Kit Hui
Sexsoon (I hope)
OccupationWeb Monkey
InterestsMonkeying around... with gaming, making websites, driving around, inventing new hand gestures.

I notice my attempts to degrade you are failing. Why are you so self-depreciating?

I can assure you its not because of lack of self-esteem. Because frankly, I am full of it. But you know the saying, "I am my toughest critic"? It's one thing to be one's own toughest critic, it's another thing to show that to others.