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December 22nd

Location: The Stone Pony, Asbury Park, May 13.

This tweet perfectly described the night I had at the legendary Stone Pony. In addition to that bit of fortune, it was also one of the best shows I went to this year. It’s amazing when you think about a group like Sleigh Bells, whose sole purpose is to blow out my ear drums and give me a seizure (I certainly showed the symptoms by the end of the show). The beats are coming from a laptops. Derek Miller’s guitar chords are straight out of Black Sabbath. Vocalist Alexis Krauss, while a decent singer, wasn’t doing much singing and spent most of the time chanting and doing inappropriate things to a Poland Springs bottle (This pleases me).

But really, I could care less. They made the most out of their limitations and turned into a pure adrenaline ride. The crowd, this time, was great. This show was the reason I got into watching live shows in the first place. But like a roller coaster ride, this was a really short experience. The set clocked in around 30 minutes. But I was ready for something grander. I was hooked.

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