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December 20th

Location: The Court Tavern, New Brunswick, November 6th

I’m a bad music fan.

Not only do I still not pay for music, as a concert attendee I can’t give my undivided attention to my favorite bands. This was the case when I went to see Screaming Bands, by far the most talented bunch out of all the show I attended this year. Maybe it was a tiny tiny venue (a bar basement) and the fact I easily made my in front of the “stage” (I had to get out of the way of equipment between bands), but instead of crazy fan mode I was in pondering music critic mode. Even the bar was open so it was no excuse to be so self-conscious.

I’m standing next to the videographer/photographer taking this. That’s why there’s no crowd shots of me. Honest!

However, for such a firecracker on guitars and vocal, lead singer Marissa Paternoster looks absolutely uncomfortable in between songs. For a band that headlines music festivals around the world, she looked pretty nervous trying to interact with her presumably hometown fans. One way to put it. When, she’s shredding “A New Kid”, she’s Joan Jett. When she’s answers a adoring fan’s declaration of love with a timid ‘thanks’, she’s Wednesday Addams. Maybe it was an off day or I really really looked too judgmental standing in the front row.

These are secondary concerns though, and I was lucky to see a great band in a small (and relatively close) venue.

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