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January 22nd

Last Sunday I was in Hangzhou visiting my uncle and I stayed at the Victoria Regal Hotel. It was a nice hotel and for very exceptional for it’s price, considering its location. I was only there for one night but I noticed a lot of kinky shit going on there. I checked in around noon so the rooms were not cleaned. This is what I found:

Some happy fun time happened here, or just a lot of smoking.

The previous guests looked like they had a heck of a time. No evidence of hanky panky, but they did use everything (as evidenced by the drain stopper) as an ashtray. I did not take this room.

Then in our actual room, I looked at some of the ‘minibar’ items available for their guests:

Non-free? Damn, could have used the clippers and the box of condoms... wait wuh?

What the hell is this?

Yeah, there were condoms and some sort of spray provided in each room. Not saying it’s a love hotel, but all signs point to it.

The moment that all but confirmed my suspicions about the place was the night I returned to the hotel. I went up to my floor and there was hotel security walking around and the smell of…. marijuana? Considering the sentence for drug possession in China is… death, that was unreal.

Victoria Regal is cheap, relatively luxurious, and right by the famous West Lake. If you can deal with the shady ass things that goes on at night, it’s great place to stay in Hangzhou. Just find that dude that will share his weed.

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