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October 14th

Spent the last 12 days in a loaner from Enterprise thanks to my car’s CVT crapping out on me… again. So while they replaced the entire transmission, I had to get around in a relatively new Chevy HHR, oh and it sucks.

Let’s get out of the way of the only thing I liked, the higher driving position. Since it’s a crossover, I particular enjoyed the extra visibility that is required commuting through narrow mountain roads. I see a future with SUV’s ahead. It’s an American car so the A/C works pretty well, I’d use it if it weren’t October.

For less than $1k than a base Kizashi, a base HHR has a crappy Fisher Price steering wheel, lousing steering, a high rev engine that translates to nothing, and a styling that would make a PT Cruiser look like an Alfa Romeo.

So in many ways, it has accomplished its role as a loaner. While I spent the last week reading up on Lemon Laws, I couldn’t find myself losing faith in my Kizashi and Suzuki. So when I return to work tomorrow tearing up the roads of Morris County, I will remember one of Old GM’s creations fondly as it chewed through gasoline and grunted loudly without avail.

Until the Kizu trannie breaks down again after another long trip.

Note: I noted that I’ve yet to see another Kizashi on the road, but during the time I drove the HHR, I saw about half a dozen other ones.

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