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September 3rd

Five music acts fit for public vocalization.

Look man, it’s going to happen. If you are Asian, it’s your fate. One night, your friends or your woman is going drag you out to karaoke night at some bar. Unless you are Michael Buble, you are in a world of embarrassment and no amount of heavy drinking will mask that.

It’s not your fault that you lost your singing voice when you were in middle school. And it’s definitely not your fault that popular music requires a man to be either an American Idol or be able to rap (no, just don’t).

Fear not, my deep voiced friend. I compiled a list of five musical acts that are not only fit for the average man, but show up those hipster friends that dragged your ass to karaoke in the first place.

Diamond Rings

Who the hell are Diamond Rings? Diamond Rings is this man:

Yes, this mascara wearing hoopster is gonna help you out. Wanna serenade your girl? Since you aren’t Lionel Ritchie, you’ll need to learn All Yr Songs.

Kid Cudi

If there is something better than Kid Cudi, it’s more talented singers covering Kid Cudi songs. The man can write, but his singing voice is, at best, workable. This is where you relatively shine. Don’t go overboard though.

The xx

Duet anyone? No, you are not Meatloaf and you will not do “Paradise by the Dashboard Light”. It’s one thing to mangle a song. You don’t need mangle a three part epic. You need to chill, and that’s where The Xx come in. Your equally untalented significant other can join in too.

Jamey Johnson

I was reluctant to recommend country, since a man mimicking southern drawl will sound silly. If you want to be humorous and ironic (that will get those hipsters wet), Jamey Johnson is ideal.

The National

There we go. Master this and you’ll probably be dragged into a karaoke contest that you may not enjoy. Don’t master this, awesome. Keep these acts in your playlist, and you will have a good time.

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