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August 12th

Yesterday, my phone was showing its age. In addition to 9 months of wear and tear, dozens of apps and widgets were straining the usability of Android.

Everything was slow. Home screens takes forever to load. Google Navigator stopped working at the most inopportune time (trying to get out of NYC). And any JS site was slow to a crawl.

Today, Android 2.2 brought my phone back to life. Just when I nearly strayed into the iOS4 camp, I am proud to own a phone that now runs as quickly as iOS4 AND completes phone calls.

I don’t know why it took Google so long to implement Just in Time for Java, but I’m glad they did. And if can make an old Droid feel like new, what will Froyo do to new hotness like the Droid 2 or Droid Incredible?

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