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August 2nd

I spent the last weekend of July on a brief vacation to New York and Long Island. Here are a few observations from the short time I spent on these places.

I spent all of under an hour in Freeport, and I was already annoyed. I had the misfortune of following Google Map’s directions which took me through the local part of Sunrise Highway. So I (slowly) trudged through the various “villages” just outside of Queens.

Like every shore town, they love to impose their will on their summer tourist population, and the most noticeable display of power is their traffic rules. One town of Lynwood had a village wide 30 mph speed limit and essentially banned all overnight street parking. Freeport, where I was to meet up with my friends, had the most annoying traffic feature, it put stop signs in pedestrian crossings.

It is my belief that the best way to slow down traffic is to build roads for certain speeds. For instance, an ideal 25 mph road would have narrow lanes and sidewalks on the same level as the street. But many towns, in the interest of saving money and milking motorists of their money with traffic fines, would rather seek to promote road rage than driving safety.

So when I ran into these stop signs dotted every part of Brookside Ave, there were two outcomes. I either A). blew past them or B). slammed on my brakes in anger. Neither actions helped any pedestrians cross the street, as there were none at the time, nor made me a safer driver, as I was too busy cursing.

Still, Freeport looks like a nice suburb and their intentions about promoting driving safety seem legit. But there better ways to do it than just putting up a bunch of signs.

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