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August 4th

I spent the last weekend of July on a brief vacation to New York and Long Island. Here are a few observations from the short time I spent on these places.

I think I made it to the most remote place in Long Island. It’s no where near New York City and it’s right before the Hamptons. There is fly-over country, this is drive-over country.

But that’s not a criticism, for its remoteness breeds something that is uncommon in my part of the country.

As much as people of New Jersey disparage the cast of Jersey Shore, I managed to find common ground with them. Like Snooki, my social life is defined by a series of major episodes, and stretches of nothingness. Do you know what The Situation does in February?

Why was in Center Moriches? It’s another major episode in my life. I’m visiting a friend and participating in beer drinking, beer gaming, and beer abusing (f*ckin’ awesome btw, thanks). That was Saturday, and it was great.

Then came Sunday morning? Do you know my friends and I do on Sunday morning? We nurse our hangovers, find our ways back home, maybe have breakfast together, but ultimately going our separate ways and keeping Sunday to ourselves or our families.

But that Sunday I find myself a slighty different routine. Yes, I was hungover and my Jersey friends all left (after breakfast, of course). But I found myself with my LI friend and a couple of his friends playing a few innings of softball. Maybe it’s because it’s not football season, but at my age who hangs out with friends on a Sunday morning?

The game didn’t last long because not many showed up (hangovers, of course) and I was leaving LI by noon. But I find it surreal that I would be chillin’ with friends, playing a little ball, having conversations in the physical realm on a quiet Sunday morning.

That was what I remembered the most fondly… until the pictures of Saturday show up on Facebook.

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