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August 2nd

I spent the last weekend of July on a brief vacation to New York and Long Island. Here are a few observations from the short time I spent on these places.

I’ve lost count of the number of times I went to Manhattan, but I could easily count the number of times I’ve been to Brooklyn with one hand. Part of the reason is that Brooklyn is a mainly residential area. Bay Ridge is no different, and I struggled to kill enough time in the morning before heading out to Long Island.

Still, I can see the appeal of living here. Like all NYC neighborhoods, Bay Ridge is quite diverse, but one thing I noticed is how there’s no particular group that dominates the neighborhood, at least on the block surrounding Ivy Bakery I was in. A Parisian cafe was next to a Chinese hair salon. Indian restaurant right by an Italian Pizzeria. In one block, a row of single family houses, in the next block, the Brooklyn location of Century 21. There’s something for everyone, especially if you are looking for a nail salon, which are all over Bay Ridge and contains every conceivable type of women.

Demographically, Bay Ridge is not the most diverse neighborhood in New York, and I have scant knowledge in the challenges of socialization in a diverse community. But from what I saw Bay Ridge seems like a good model for a multicultural society, where the Hawaiian Coffee Shop and Middle Eastern restaurant seemed destined to be together.

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