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June 3rd

Record. 5-3. All 5 wins from a single streak from weeks 3-7.

MVP thus far. On offense, Evan Longoria has done exactly as advertised, as the best 3rd baseman in the league. But even I didn’t expect my favorite pitcher, Ubaldo Jimenez, would breakout this season. He would be the NL Cy Young winner if Roy “Perfect Game” Halladay wasn’t in contention.

Biggest Steal. My strategy of drafting relievers last worked, and both Rafael Soriano and Neftali Feliz are quite dominant. I like to believe I have one of the top pitching staffs in my league because I built a balanced team, in reality I’m buoyed by high wins and saves.

Biggest Fail. In terms of points lost, it’s easy to point to Max Scherzer’s early struggles, but at least I didn’t burn a high draft pick for him. My biggest fail is Vasqfail himself, Javier Vasquez. While it’s great that he’s bouncing back now, I did not expect him to be downgraded to 5th starter or reliever this season. Fortunately by now I know not to start him against decent offensive teams in the AL.

Key pickup. Considering I counted on deep outfield in free agent, I pretty much rotate outfielders in and out. I would say key pickup would be Vladimir Guerrero. He is the mac daddy of the school of swing at everything out of the park. After a bad season, Vlad is coming back in a big way and thanks last season he is outfield eligible. I also picked up his low walking protege, Carlos Gonzalez.

The road to victory. My outfield situation will change again once Carlos Beltran returns to the Mets. I also have to consider replacing what appears to be an ailing Brett Anderson. While my offense is slowly bouncing I’m going to still rely on great pitching to carry my team through the summer. I expect towards playoff weeks I will have the best lineup top to bottom.

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