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May 1st

Today I finished my first 5k. 4 weeks ago, I tweeted…

First jog attempt. 5 minutes running. 5 minutes of wheezing and coughing. 5 minutes of contemplating death. Not a bad start.

I was slow, I couldn’t run the entire thing, but I finished 5 weeks ahead of schedule.

I’ve long contemplated how to stay healthy at this point of life. Working out was high maintenance and marginally beneficial. Running was cheap and easily accessible. I take only 30-40 minute before or after work for a typical workout three times a week.

This was easily the best decision I made this year, more so than buying the right car (more on that later).

Plus, I have a whole lifetime to improve my time. The leader in this 5k was a middle-aged man who burned through a 6:35 mile pace! I can’t even run one mile that quick.

Today was a good day, and I wore my number as a badge of honor… until I exchanged it for free beer.

As Coach Schiano said, keep on choppin’.

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