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March 16th

Web Development in RL is rough, yo.

This month I got a chance to help develop a large scale website/app. While I helped complete it to great acclaim, two major pillars of web dev philosophy was rocked by the challenges of working with other devs and looming deadlines.

“I am at peace with IE6″. Here I am watching a preview of IE9 and wondering why IE6 is still a bane of my existence? Oh sure, I know how to deal with every IE6 issue, but as the complexity of the site increases the quantity of IE6 issues go up. Just because I know how to fix it doesn’t mean it won’t drive me nuts.

Inline-block is the shiznit It still is. Just that its biggest flaw, a 4 px gap between inline-block elements makes it tough to build commercial sites, which require pixel perfection. Plus, going back to working with floats makes me believe they are not as terrible as once believed. Fortunately, I have time to develop my belief in inline-block layout and make it work on all sites.

But if there is one thing I am glad about is the widespread adoption of JQuery. Every single job I’ve interviewed for, including the one that I have now, requires it. Can you imagine if I start going crazy over Javascript cross-compatibility issues?

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