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March 23rd

Baseball, the sport of ubernerds.

It’s that time of year again. Baseball season means battling my college friends for best fantasy GM. This time, I come in as the defending champ.

First I will reveal my reserves.

Carlos Beltran, OF
Max Scherzer, SP
Brad Lidge, RP
Jose Reyes, SS
Brandon Webb, SP

Of the reserves, three of them won’t be able to start the season. I just found out today Reyes can begin the season playing, but that was not certain during the draft. So I am counting on my injured players to not only come back but to be best in their position like old times. So here’s the rest of my lineup

Victor Martinez, C
Joey Votto, 1B
Jose Lopez, 2B
Marco Scutaro, SS
Evan Longoria, 3B
Ben Zobrist, OF
Andrew McCutcheon, OF
Jason Kubel, OF
Billy Butler, 1B

Obviously, Reyes will replace Scutaro at short. Outfield depth is still a major issue even when Beltran returns. Fortunately, there are plenty of OF’s in free agency that can easily be picked up.

Tim Lincecum, SP
Javier Vasquez, SP
Chad Billingsley, SP
Ubaldo Jimenez, SP
Brett Anderson, SP

I am betting against ERA and hope that low walks and high strikeouts and innings will help carry me through the day.

Neftali Perez, RP
Rafael Soriano, RP

Huge gamble on Perez and an injury risk for Soriano, but I hope these late late picks will pay huge dividends.

I believe I am a better fantasy GM than when I won last year. And even though the draft hasn’t gone my way, I believe these gambles will pay off.

If not, I could always blog about it.

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