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February 13th

Like any MW2 addicted fiend, on my 8th (9th?) Prestige I decided to unlock Airdrop III challenge. That would be calling in a total of 1000 care packages. In my experience, care packages in PUG’s are more harm than good. So I’ve developed an etiquette guide so that my team can benefit from care packages instead being bait.

Bitch, that one care package is mine! I killed 4 mf’ers in row, not you! Now we’re both sniper bait. And why the hell would you steal an ammo package? Maybe I want to set a trap for the enemy, not you, my teammate!

I’m dead and a hijacking is imminent… go ahead and take it. Else, earn your own.

Emergency Airdrops, those are traps. Here’s the deal, I get the good shit. You can have rest once the coast is clear. Yes clear, since the enemy will close in like flies on shit. I want to ambush, but that depends on you not being a greedy SOB.

Follow these guidelines and you can be sure I don’t realize you’re an asshole.

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