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January 25th


Now that I am still plodding around doing nothing, I’ve compiled five things to do to advance myself so I don’t waste away.

Put up new main website and tweak blog. I’ve pretty much put off being a web designer for now (until my fear of web design clients disappear), so bye bye portfolio site and hello basic introduction site. Also, let’s face it, some of the feature on this site is not used (flickr stream, tumblr blog, etc.), so time to scale back on stuff. While I’m at it, re-tweak the design to something more coherent.

Finish this lecture. Building Dynamic Websites. I’m a self-taught web developer and I already know most of the stuff in the lecture. While commendable, it leaves pretty significant gaps of knowledge that would have been filled in an academic environment. Thanks to Academic Earth, I can attend a Harvard lecture without paying for it or padding my college application. In general, keep up with my education.

Start running. Just because I’m tired of feeling like a slob everyday. This is the simplest way to exercise with some measurable metric of achievement. My goal this year is to able to do x-country distances.

Upgrade my stuff. I have a lot of crap I want, and I need the money to buy it. Shortlist includes computer part upgrades, an e-reader, a new car, a fedora, new shoes. Ultimately, I can have enough income flow to GTFO from home and live on my own.

Blog about all of this (and blog in general) Write more, write better, just keep writing. This is the only thing keeping me sane in this time. Can’t put it off anymore.

Notice gaming is not on this list. I’ve been doing plenty of that already. I could probably do less of that.

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  • motorstop

    I hope come december you would have fulfilled most of your resolutions!

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