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December 17th

Droid does mother fathers!

Over the weekend, I finally acquired my first smartphone, a Motorola Droid. After kill its batteries 5 times over the last few days, I have these impressions.

My blog didn’t work on mobile until today. Let’s get that out of the way. I suck. Next. needs an Android app. Congrats on the iphone app and the transition to a Javascript based app. But not only is slow as hell, it doesn’t work that well on the Droid. If this is true, then you should be already making an Android app.

Where is tweetdeck? Yes, they have an iphone app, I could use an Android app. Please?

It’s mobile, not iphone or pda. They’re not the only devices on the market anymore, so get your mobile names right Continental.

This shit needs to be charging all the time. Only took one day to realize I’m a power user. So now I have a charger in my bag at all time and a car charger in whatever automobile I’m in.

I can actually give accurate information to people who ask.
Strangers like to ask me for directions in NYC for some reason. At least now, instead of leading them astray, I can give them accurate information. Yay strangers.

Google Navigation FTW. Garmin and TomTom are dead.

More to come…

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