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December 21st

Fix MW2 or I’m out.

That is how I perceive the whole Hosted Servers vs. Central Matchmaking debate in MW2. That means there are benefits and costs to both systems. But in my case, it’s mostly the bad.

I’ve already covered how much I despised the little Fidel Castros running hosted server that caused me to almost quit the game. Now my ire is raised towards Infinity Ward’s matchmaking system.

How did I end up in a dozen laggy games in a row?

First of all, it’s about as transparent as North Korea. What determines who hosted the game? No idea, but they sure suck at it. How do I report cheaters? Let IW take of it, while I see the same cheaters in games over and over again. Patches? That may be happening, but there’s no way to see the changes.

Tens of thousands of gamers depend on a single entity to make sure games run smoothly. Might as well call it healthcare reform.

I think I prefer return to the thousands of little fiefdoms that are hosted servers. They can’t be bad? I mean mostly bad, but not all bad right?

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