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November 6th

I live in a house of caffeine addicts. We love our coffee and tea. After two months of searching for the best coffee shops along the PATH train line, I have declared winners in three categories.

Drip Coffee

Winner: The Roasting Plant. It’s cheap. It’s open 24/7. You have a choice of over 10 blends to choose from. They have a “supercharged” version. Some people claim that their coffee has no taste, I respectfully disagree. I have yet to try their cookie dough shot but that probably will happen when I stumbled out of a Greenwich Village bar @ 3AM.

Runner-up: Irving Farm (or their other location, 71 Irving Place. I like their sinfully delightful iced coffee blend. They also sell red eye. Unlike Roasting Plant, it’s by the office.


Winner: Fika. Who knew one of the best coffee shop in the city would look like an IKEA? Those Swedes, alway surprising us with nice things.

Runner-up: Stumptown & Joe The Art of Coffee. I heard that Stumptown imported their baristas from their original location in the Northwest. I’m pretty sure full arm tattoos is part of their company dress code. Meanwhile, it looks like the staff at Joe The Art of Coffee live up in their attic.


Winner: Burick Cafe. Sure, it’s no longer really a mocha if its mostly high quality cocoa with a shot (or two) of espresso. But who cares? Count on a chocolate shop to make the best mocha in town. Note: One caveat. For some reason, it’s hit or miss each time I go there. If done right, it’s the best out there, but so far I’m 2-4. That’s not a good success rate.

Runner-up: No one. Seriously, coffee shops, Burdick knows how to make a mocha (at around the same cost). Does City Bakery sell Mochas?

Misc: For a cheap latte in the afternoon, it’s coffee happy hour at ‘Wichcraft between 3-6pm where all coffees are half-price. Spoon also serves Stumptown coffee, sans tattooed baristas though. If I had choose a chain cafe, I would choose McDonalds over Starbucks because of price and the lack of burning in their brew. Think Coffee is the only place I know that serves French Press coffee, though that is not near the PATH.

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