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October 8th

I’ve paid my dues / Time after time

After a long drought, I finally won my third fantasy baseball title, 2nd time in my college roommates league. It was extra satisfying to knock out all three of my roommates out of the playoffs in the last three weeks. Here’s how I did it.

Albert Pujols. He scored 100 pts more than the 2nd placed fantasy player. Enough said.

Building a strong starting five and sticking to it. In the new format that reduces the value of two-start pitchers significantly, having strong and durable starters is a must. Whereas the rest of the league struggled with figuring out their rotation, I stuck with Halladay, Verlander, Sabathia, Ubaldo Jimenez, and Wandy Rodriguez in the last couple of weeks. In two instances I lost because I decided to start a marginal two-start pitcher which ended up blowing up in my face. With these five I can trust even if they pitch poorly they will not wreck my score.

Rearrange offense constantly. I believe fantasy baseball is won in pitching, but offense is also important. I constantly changed my offensive line-up, scooping up productive players and benching or dropping struggling ones. I only regret dropping Tulowitski, but key pickups such as Zobrist, Sandoval, Posada, Nelson Cruz, and Johnny Damon made sure my offense kept up with the rest of the league. In a ten team format, the differences between team offenses were nothing compared to pitching differences. So do not hesitate to mix things up on the offense.

Innings, Strikeouts, WHIP Those are my three criteria for selecting pitchers. They have to be able to last 7-9 innings, strikeout a ton of people, and be able to scatter hits allowed.

High AB and slugging. Basically, plenty of at bats and plenty of power. #1-3 hitters are ideal.

And if I improve my drafting next season, I’ll be sure to repeat.

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