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September 30th

Go down to 23rd street F & V station and you get… typical 20th century public bathroom design found in every NYC subway station. Go further down to the PATH station, however, and you land in a combination of a sauna, sewer, and wind tunnel.

First thing one notices is that it’s hot as hell in there no matter. I would sweat a little walking to the station only to land in a very hot and humid area.

Second, for some reason the stairway is a wind tunnel that could potentially blow away one’s metrocard away before reaching the turnstile.

Finally, in order to cool people off, the station has fans all over the platform, which only serve to blow hot sewer gas in one’s face.

Fortunately, when I go the trains are frequent so I don’t have to stand in 23rd St’s asshole for too long.

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