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September 12th

Mugging by state.

(This is the second of a series of posts hanging out with my brother and his friends).

We were mugged.

The place? Route 78 west in Summit.

The muggers? The New Jersey state police.

Their justification? Failure to keep right in 65 mph zone (count on New Jersey to be pioneers in inventing traffic violations).

The amount? That’s to be determined, I didn’t say they were competent. Ballpark figure is around $140. And two pointfor driving on the passing lane too long!

The state of New Jersey is short on money… again. Having discovered that heavily taxing Jerseyans just drives them out of the state, the state is using State Troopers as highwayman. Sure, they were polite, but it was no doubt a stick up. One trooper had his gun at the ready while the other decided to frisk my brother and me. Worst, at least actual muggers will only take the money in my wallet and be done with it. These highwayman are making us wire them the money at a later date.

We were mugged by the state of New Jersey.

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