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September 17th

Yesterday I saw Shakira performing on America’s Got Talent. There she was, lip syncing her latest (auto-tuned) hit “She Wolf” doing the nasty on some speakers. As a man, I wished I were those speakers. But I am disappointed that she has finally completely her transition to pure pop singer.

I don’t fault her to doing so, as it has been her career goal to be a world class singer (she should learn Chinese if she wants to take over the rest of the world. I believe Chinese people will learn to love the booty). But I always believed despite having the best hips in the business she was a superior singer to her American counterparts. Perhaps I am upset about the lip-synching. I remember watching a live version of “Hips don’t Lie” and it clearly shows she’s running out of breath from all the booty-shaking. To me, I didn’t mind. But now it seems her singing has taken the back seat to her choreography.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t know who she until she released her first English-language album. But looking at her early career, damn. Like Phoenix, it’s another artist I wish I knew earlier.

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