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September 10th

Learning to love to eat again.

(this is the first of a series of posts detailing a week hanging out with my brother and his friends)

Before I went to Keen’s (try the mutton chops) last Thursday, I’ve conscientiously decided to eat less. Plus, I’ve pretty much decided that $60-70 per person dinner is not worth it regardless of quality.

Talk about a complete 180 afterward.

I ordered the Porterhouse for 3, a $120 monstrosity of unknown weight. I thought it was quite plain… until I kept eating it. And eating. And eating. And eating.

Out of the three of us that shared the porterhouse, I clearly ate the most. At the end I had to stop myself from picking meat off the bone (by far the best part).

Not only did I reverse course and gorged that night, I found myself feasting everyday since then.

My weight, fortunately, has not ballooned since then… yet. Keen’s was definitely a unique experience in bringing out the carnivore in me. I’ll just remember to run 30 minutes beforehand.

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