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August 31st

Do the shack-tastic workout!

First thing you will notice when going to Shake Shack is the line. It’s long. I waited 30 minutes to order and another 10 minutes for my order to arrive. By the time I left around 2:30 PM the line was about 80 persons deep.

But the line is in the outdoors at Madison Square Park, why not get your exercise and work up an appetite?

You could do your cardio while in line. Run in place, do some jumping jacks, a few plyometrics, etc. Then after ordering, you can finish up with a few sets of push-ups, lunges, and crunches (that is if you don’t mind getting a bit dirty).

Sure it would look silly at first, but then people will realize the genius of your workout. People joke about having work off their shack burger, you’re actually doing it. Is that not brilliant? The folks at shake shack should embrace, if it means getting the weak-willed to order more food.

Oh right, the food. I ordered a shack burger and a beer (Southhampton Belgian Double White, at a burger place). I was so hungry after waiting in line for nearly 40 minute (no workout, just moping around) I scarfed that baby down in an instant. I guess that’s why it was so good. Good deal too, $4.75 for a single Shack burger. I didn’t try their other offerings, like their ‘shroom burger or their frozen custards, but I have plenty of opportunities to do that.

I recommend either getting your sweat on in line, or get there early. It’s worth it to try at least once.

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