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August 26th

Yeah, close one

Eduardo’s controversial penalty helped Arsenal secure another shot at the £30m jackpot of the Champions League with a comfortable 3-1 win on the night – 5-1 on aggregate – over Celtic at Emirates Stadium.

The cost of failure, both financial and in sporting terms, would have been immeasurable on the Gunners, who have consistently competed among the elite clubs of European football for more than a decade.

Down 2-0, I must be blind because I don’t see how Celtic, with a lousy away record, was going to win at the Emirates.

Seriously, this is the second time a Soccernet article put down Arsenal after crushing their opponent. After beating Portsmouth 4-1, this author can’t get over the fact that Arsenal gave up one goal on keeper error. In contrast, Man U’s loss to Burnley (Burnley!) was quickly forgotten.

Look, most Arsenal fan recognize that depth is still an issue and there are still many challenges in this young season. But the pundit class seem to enjoy pooh-poohing Arsenal’s hot start every way possible and explain each victory by pointing out the other team’s off-field issues.

I can’t wait to hear what the pundits say once Arsenal loses. Guess they’ll have to go undefeated again. It’s not like they’ve never won the EPL. They’re not Liverpool.

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