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August 30th

NRNS-Obake-Ryu has no integrity

I’ve taken quite a bit of abuse from, let’s face it, a poor imitation of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. And yet I go back and back again. More maps! More zombies! No gameplay changes! That’s why I went back to such an abusive relationship.

No more.

Mainly because of the unbalanced game play, but this weekend I guess one could say I snapped.

I was banned from another server for no good reason.

Keep this in mind, NRNS-Obake-Ryu has no integrity.

Who is this individual, this was the server admin I was playing with at the time. I was having a really good run. But because I refuse to play SMG’s in World at War for most part, I was mainly switching between the FG-42 and Browning .30 Cal machine guns, two of the least commonly used weapons in the game.

Here I was racking up a decent KDR in a game dominated by rifle and SMG users. It didn’t help that kill cams and spec mode in the game do accurately portray recoil. Needless to say, the cheating allegations pop.

First it was one person making the accusations, then another, then another, then another. Then the admins took turns specing me. At this point, I’ve been ignoring all the messages because 1. I rather be playing. 2. I don’t respond to sore losers.

The admins could have spec me, decide they have no conclusive evidence (having a good score is not evidence, especially when one of the admins was racking up an even better score at the time) and dismissed the accusations.

But keep this in mind, NRNS-Obake-Ryu has no integrity.

The admin allowed a few players for whatever reason to punish me for playing well. What’s the point of getting better if I were to be punished for it? I tried to be different, I got burned for it.

So what now? First, remove Call of Duty World at War from my system. For now, I’m going to stop playing all FPS and save my energy for Modern Warfare 2. I’m on the verge of acquiring Street Fighter 4 so I’ll trying to master that.

I don’t know how much input other NRNS has in my ban, so I’ll refrain from question the integrity of their entire clan. As for NRNS-Obake-Ryu, if I knew your actual identity I’d gladly post it here. You might as well put my name on the banned list in your COD4 server. You have no integrity and I hope my name on your ban list is a reminder of your lack of integrity.

If you are wondering why I’m making such accusations, now you know how I feel.


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