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August 25th

Criticizing that filler game between Modern Warfare 1 and 2

These are the weights of the following German World War II Era weapons

MP40 – 4 kg
StG 44 – 5.22 kg
FG 42 – 4.95 kg

The StG 44 is heavier than the FG 42 and yet, because the StG 44 is classified as a rifle by Treyarch, it has less speed penalty than an Fg 42, which is classified as a machine gun. And a single kilo is all it takes for the MP 44 to have no speed penalty in contrast to the heavy speed penalty of the FG 42, classified as a sub-machine gun.

As a result, Call of Duty World at War is dominated by sub-machine gun users and their big ammo capacity (thanks to the round drum) who make mincemeat out of their opponents just by point their guns in their general direction.

And yet, I go back again and again and suffer through the unbalancing act Treyarch has created. Whereas I’ve lost count in the number of times Valve decides to rebalance Team Fortress 2, Treyarch hasn’t done any balancing since coming out with new maps.

Maybe Treyarch decided to be second-fiddle to Modern Warfare?

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