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August 7th

Fall of a TV channel

Since Comcast purchased our cable company, our house stopped receiving G4 until last week. Now that we have actual digital boxes installed last week, G4 is back.

Not that I care anymore.

You see, TechTV was my kind of channel. It was about video games, computers, technology… video games…. and video games. Sure, the shows were mostly low budget, but at least I identified with them.

Now thanks to Comcast, there are only two original shows left (Attack of the Show and X-Play), neither of which I want to watch. The channel now consists of syndicated shows like Cheaters and COPS (Arrested Development was awesome, but I can watch that on Hulu).

It didn’t help that I could now watch game and gadget reviews everywhere online (including G4′s own site).

That’s too bad, to see a channel try to become everything and end up being nothing. Makes me want to move to Canada, where it seems the programming of G4 Canada doesn’t suck.

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