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August 15th

How Wenger wiped the uncertainly all over Everton’s face

Prior to this weekend’s season opener, Arsenal fans had legitimate reasons to worry. Wenger only made a single signing, defender Thomas Vermaelen, while Man City took Adebayor and Toure away. But two important things occurred. One was that the squad as a whole aged one year.

The second, more importantly, was switching to 4-3-3 formation. In one stroke, Wenger addressed the lack of midfielders and the emphasis on attacking football. Gunnerblog can explain better. So can Arshavin, Van Persie, and Bentner be the northern version of Messi, Henry, and Ibrahimovic?

Still, the lack of depth and uncertainty on how Arsenal deal with the increasingly physical EPL defenses that battered the squad last season.

No more.

Last year’s 4th placed squad took the 5th place team to the cleaners.

In my struggle to find an live online feed for the match, I missed THE most entertaining matches of the weekend (no way tomorrow’s matches will compare). It was an epic ass beating (highlights here). I’ve been praising Tim Howard quite a bit but he looked like a deer in headlights this game (though his slow-ass teammates were mainly the culprits). You know everything is clicking when the new defensive duo, Vermaelen and Gallas, each have a goal. And they’re really clicking when Denilson makes the scoresheet. An excellent result that puts the rest of the big four on notice and keep the pretenders at bay.

Depth is still an issue, I have no doubt that Wenger will make a few more signings (I hope). I was able to catch Barcelona dismantle the Sounders, I hope Arsenal can keep doing what it did to Everton the rest of the season. I have a great feeling there will finally be silverware this season.

Note: Another reason to be excited about this season, I might be actually watch some games. I’ve been using this site to get games on my PC. Sure the quality is shit and I failed to receive this game on time. It’s an improvement to just following it on twitter.

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