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July 9th

Pontiac + Minivan = fail

I kept seeing Montana’s all over Toronto and none in America. It turns out they were discontinued in 2006 in America but continued to sell in Canada and Mexico.

What is the Pontiac Montana? It’s a minivan. Yep, the brand that made the Bonneville and GTO offers a friggin’ minivan. Who cares if it’s has a 240 HP 3.9 L engine?

I know why the Montana (which succeeded the Trans-sport, I didn’t know this was 20 years in the making) exists, because Buick/Pontiac/GMC dealers wanted a minivan.

Talk about brand dilution. The thought of one the my favorite cars, the G8, associated with a minivan, an Aveo (G3) and Cobalt (G5) rebadging makes me believe that Pontiac’s demise is well deserved.

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