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July 10th

Yeah, I went there.

In the ice cream world, hard served are too cold and a bitch to sensitive teeth, gelato is good but almost always overpriced, and frozen yogurt is… crap.

Soft served ice cream is not too cold and I don’t stand a chance of feeling like licking into glass shards. It’s also quite cheap, at least at the place the family frequents, Polar Cub.

Head to Polar Cub, park on the side of the highway (because the place is packed at night), get in line, order a vanilla soft serve with a chocolate dip. Order a large for under $3 because soft-serve has better structural integrity than hard ice cream (won’t roll off the top, though I don’t recommend holding it sideways for lulz).

Having soft serve is like being the kid from American Pie (Not Jim, but Kevin when he is “returning the favor”. That’s right, I went there).

If, for some reason, you end up in my neighborhood. Make a stop at Polar Cub, and have the best ice cream ever.

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