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July 30th

When Manny was caught using steroids, I declared myself to be pro-steroids. Now that Big Papi is another name leaked out by the media, I am even more unconvinced of the narrative that PED’s are in anyway “enhancing”.

There are 104 players tested positives for PED’s in 2003, but the only name we have heard are names of future hall of famers.

I am willing to bet the rest of the list are littered with marginal major leaguers and AAAA players who, despite taking PED’s, have not been helped by them.

If we find out for every David Ortiz, there are ten Jason Grimsley’s, steroids will be called Performance Enhancing or Neutral or Regressing Drugs.

It’s too late to keep the names under wraps, so this selective leaking ought to stop.

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