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July 22nd

Writing this after consuming a double shot.

Our family just received a gift of a Nespresso C90. And while it makes a decent shot of espresso, I shudder at the prospect of replenishing our capsules. Nespresso machines can only use their proprietary capsules which cost a whopping $.55 per capsule and a ridiculous $6.95 shipping charge if we choose to order it online (there’s also a minimum purchase of 4 tubes).

I could buy retail, but then I have to make a trip to Bloomingdales. And I can’t go to my local Bloomingdales (I think), I have to head all the way out to the one in SoHo. And shipping my ass to NYC and back costs more than shipping capsules to my house.

So I began looking for single-cup espresso machines that can use any capsules. I have yet to find one. I suppose unlike my multi-region DVD player, espresso machines are a luxury item instead of a commodity.

Wonder if there are places that make 3rd party capsules like ink cartridges for printers?

This gift of an espresso machine just took our family’s caffeine habit up another level. Any savings would be nice.

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