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July 27th

Based on this definitive guide on negative margins, here are my top five favorite CSS properties

display: inline-block; Well, duh. I’ve only been flogging this since the found of this blog. With this, I’ll never float again (for layouts,at least).

vertical-align: *%; Inline-block lets me use this. I could keep it simple and set elements to vertical-align: top; or I can set my own with a pixel value.

margin: -*; It’s negative margins, just to be clear. Very cross-browser compatible, it’s like an all purpose tool to fix alignment issues.

background: url(“/”) no-repeat; Can’t build an image-intensive site without it. Also very versatile, especially if you’re using custom fonts.

letter-spacing: -0.0*em; In the age of limited web fonts, any way to make the Verdana’s and Georgia’s of the world be more distinguished is welcome. Setting the letter-spacing is my favorite way to modify fonts.

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