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July 12th

A Gelateria in Bridgewater? There goes my money.

When I want to pay too much for food, I head to NYC and head towards any eatery outside of Chinatown. Mamma Che Buono manages to do this right in my backyard.

Mamma Che Buono is an Italian style eatery. Unlike other joints in the area which are dominated by Pizza and Pasta, Mamma serves Gelato, Espresso, Panini, and other Italian desserts. Originally in West Palm Beach, it’s now on the ground level of Bridgewater Commons.

I’ve already said that gelato is good but overpriced, and this place is no exception, starting at $4.80 for a medium (at least they give out free sample). I made the mistake of ordering a ciocolata calda for $3.90. It turned out not to be the awesome kind where you eat like pudding, but plain old swiss miss type (probably could have gone to the Godiva next door for something better). The service is alright for a cafe-type place, I guess. They also had 4 Macs set up for free internet access. The place does look like the nearby Apple store.

I did not try anything else as I felt much poorer from the experience. The menu prices seems to be $8.90 for a panini, $6.90 for a tiramisu (I paid $5 CAD for something similar in Toronto). In their defense, all their items look pretty good and their flagship in West Palm Beach got pretty good reviews.

I’d go back there again for lunch or have an espresso (which is actually competitively priced with the Starbucks upstairs). Despite the prices, it fills a nice niche now Bridgewater Commons want to become more upscale.

Hopefully I get over the sticker shock by then.

Update: When I say I’ll pay double for real cioccolata caldi, I meant it. And today I did, 275% more to be exact. At Mariebelle, for $8.50 + tax + tip = $11, I got a medium Euro-style Panela 75% cacao. Just a bit of advise, get anything over 60% once, or go buy Mariebelle’s cacao and make it yourself. It was worth it though.

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