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July 3rd

First came the SIM card, which stored all your phone numbers in your cellphone. No longer do you need to memorize the phone numbers of friends and families.

Now comes GPS, you don’t need to memorize directions either.

While no one ever disagrees with the phone numbers in their cellphone, people do disagree with the directions offered by their GPS. Different people in a group disagree over the direction. As a result, this conflict between GPS and self and among passengers makes every turn a ticking-bomb situation.

That was the case during the family trip to Toronto. Once the GPS start leading us into crappy neighborhoods (outskirts of Syracuse and the American side of Niagara), there was great conflict among the family. Thanks to the last minute voice commands, we missed quite a number of turns. A combination of indecision and traffic (only in Toronto can one get stuck in traffic at 10 PM) turned an 8 hour trip into a 10 hour trip.

Next time, Google Map it.

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