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July 15th

Before and in between two interviews, I had 3 caffeine breaks. Here’s where I went and what I got.

McNally Jackson, ice coffee to go, $2. McJ is proof that organic fair-trade coffee in NYC can be had for evil soulless multi-national coffee cartel prices. The last time I went there, I thought they were geniuses for having simple syrup for cold drinks on hand. This time I couldn’t find it (maybe it was in the thing that look like a salad dressing dispenser, didn’t want to gamble putting oil in my coffee). Oh well, good deal and since it was early I got an empty table to sit and read a magazine.

Mariebelle, 75% cacao pazela European-style (with water) in unrefined sugar, $8.50 + tax + tip = $11. Seriously, beverages are the only items I throw away money at. It was worth trying something this chocolaty for once. Next time, I’ll settle for the 60% Aztec. Better yet, I could buy a can of chocolate from them and make cioccolata myself.

Pho 21, ice coffee, $2.25. So I went to the wrong Pho place (Pho So 1 is on 11 Mott St., this place was on 21 Mott St, duh.). Oh well. While I blew $11 on one drink in Mariebelle, I paid the same amount for lunch here. Vietnamese coffee combines espresso strength brews with a healthy heap of sweetened condensed. This combination of sweet and bitter is sure to wake your ass up. It’s like a Starbucks double shot, but way better.

Hopefully, when I start working in NYC again I can put up another segment like this.

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