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June 1st

On my fantasy league, I picked up Jorge Posada to replace Bengie Molina as my starting catcher. For some reason, I cannot drop Molina from my team and now he’s taking up a roster spot that I need for another pitcher. It’s not big of a deal.

I received my credit card statement and as usual I go on the American Express site to pay for it. Doesn’t work on Firefox. Doesn’t work on Chrome. Finally, I whipped out Safari 4 Beta and that worked. That was a bit more important. Good thing I have to use multiple browsers for work reasons.

I’m sure it will be fixed eventually. However, it’s always important to be on the constant look out for bad code, especially on complex sites like CBS Sports and American Express. If not, thousands of users and I will be affected. And unlike me, those users may lack the patience to stick with the site.

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