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June 7th

The last 6 months, I’ve lost around 20 lbs, hitting below 150 lb for the first time since high school. As a webdev, we are so immersed in our work that most of us cannot schedule “lose weight” in their lives. It’s simple, just watch what you’re eating and give it time.

Avoid planned exercise, it’s not like you’re gonna do it. Exercise is for keeping fit and building muscle. If you plan to lose weight, you don’t need to hit the gym. As a matter of fact, exercise only causes me to eat more and that causes weight gain. I’m not recommending you to actively avoid any workout. Just know that your daily routine will be sufficient.

The only thing you are eating at the computer is fruits and vegatables. This is probably the main cause of weight gain, eating while working or playing on the computer. Those calories from bags and bags of chips will add up eventually. So if you have the need to eat at the desk, have a banana or a bag of baby carrots.

Lay off the value meal. When you are at a fast food joint, you have whatever you want but the fries and the soft drinks. Just because you don’t pay as much at the counter doesn’t mean your butt won’t. As delicious as fries are, say no.

Discipline at the dinner table. Less is more. You are a mass shedding machine. That means eating less than you want. That mean fending off your peers that want you to help clear the table. That means insisting that enough is enough. Only you know how much you need to eat.

Be patient. It took me six months to do it. At that time, my body was adjusting to a lower caloric intake. Losing weight rapidly is unhealthy and that’s something you want to avoid.

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