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June 14th

That means I’m turning 24, duh.

Today marks my second year in the real world. Thanks to double the unemployment, year 23 wasn’t as great as year 22. Frankly, I think there is currently very little demand for non-CS major2nd year web developers out there right now. I managed to spend only around 5 months fully employed.

But I still have much hope.

In the next few days I am putting up beta #2 of my brand new portfolio site. My hope with this new design is to put my web design skills on par to my web development skills.

My immediate task is to find one more freelance assignment to do. Once I make some scratch from that, I hope make a trip to Hong Kong to finish all those websites I promised my family over there.

I’m gonna need plenty to buy loads of new crap, particularly laptop, phone, PC upgrades, PC games, and an automobile.

Of course I will continue to learn new web development skills and share them with you. I hope to master Javascript and move on to Flash and Actionscript. Then there’s always meet new people, make new friends, etc.

What happened on year 23 is the past. Here’s to an improved year 24.

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