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June 18th

Recently I’ve relayed my resume to a family friend to have them reviewed by her company’s HR department. A lot of the feedback is useful, this isn’t

In the current IT arena, software can screen all key words and give reader a quick picture. A name itself can trigger easily an image. What I can tell from your name is a complicated hyphenated Chinese name which is difficult to remember. Even hard to tell the gender of the applicant.

This shouldn’t be an issue, but why the hell should my ethnicity or gender matter. At best this HR person is narrow minded. At worse, discriminatory. What’s the point of putting my name on my resume if HR conjures up an image of an ambiguous gendered foreigner?

I am resigned to the fact that HR has a important and thankless role in business, but they’re not getting any sympathy from me. It would be great if I never have to deal with them in my profession career ever.

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