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May 3rd

After weeks of making swine flu jokes (me + doin’ yo’ momma = I may have swine flu), Swine flu is found in a Hong Kong hotel.

According to my brother, one of my cousins was visiting his girlfriend at this hotel when the authorities started to quarantine people. Now he gets to spend a week isolated in an unstaffed and unwired resort. Fun fun fun.

I don’t want to underestimate a virus that currently has no vaccine, but do we really want shut down parts of society because of a virus that has killed less people than common influenza?

I tend to assess risk by the metric that the more media coverage of something lethal, the less people it actually kills. The authorities in Hong Kong have every right to be concerned post-SARS, I just hope they don’t go overboard and end up creating an associating a disease with a nationality. In SARS case, it was Chinese people. Now Swine flu is associated with Mexicans.

If one Mexican with swine can cause a quarantine of hundreds of people in Hong Kong, how would it impact all the Mexicans living in oh…. every town in America?

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