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May 28th

Some people may be shocked, but I have a temper issue. Most people do not get that vibe because I do my very best to keep it under wraps. Most importantly, I do not go off on people. Sure occasionally, I get testy towards persons of authority. For the most part, I handle it very well.

Until today.

No, I haven’t blown up at anyone, but I wanted to. Mainly, I find myself getting frustrated at minor problems even though my day is going pretty well. I’m frustrated that I can’t get Twitter to work with Simplepie even though I did finally put up my beta portfolio site (right here). I was pulling my hair when everytime I get killed online even though I’m doing pretty well. Finally, I’m frustrated when my fantasy baseball team can’t hit the damn ball (still ahead this week so far).

I admit, I am frustrated by this job market. I had more opportunities 1 1/2 years ago as a n00b in the web industry than today. And plus, I haven’t hit anyone yet (violence happens if I don’t keep it in check). But today is the first time in awhile I wanted to do something destructive.

I don’t have anyone to talk to about this. This blog will do.

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