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May 7th

Watching Manny turn into WoManny is a better way to fight PED abuse.

I just wish more players that sucked were caught. Now that Manny will be sitting down for 50 games, I will declare my position.

I am for steroids.

If players end up with inadvertently (according to them) take PED’s once, they should not be punished since it’s going to enhance their game. They may think it does, but steroids require regular usage in order to be effective. If they turn out to be regular users, well. they will pay for it. Messing with one’s own hormone levels would do that.

It would be a matter of time when a sports version of Amy Winehouse will appear and turn off any other athlete from using PED’s or use so little it has negligible effect on performance.

So let Manny take fertility drugs and watch him turn into a member of the East German swim team. Now that’s an anti-drug.

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