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May 25th

Despite the anonymity of online gaming, there is peer pressure towards people to play a certain way. I notice in FPS’s people hit a wall in their skills just because they feel compelled to maintain some unwritten “rhythm” of a match. For instance, camping is looked down upon, and for some reason some people would rather get shot up in an open area than to take cover and wait a bit. To me, camping is a right (not it matters to me, because I have the advantage over campers all the time). The shear predictability is making me bored.

And if you are a cheating bastard, why deny it? It’s sad to watch aimbot users caught red handed to act defensive when call out. Be proud of your cheating ways (and give me your home address so I can um… send letters).

The point is if you are a casual gamer participating in an online, it’s your right to play, cheat, grief, camp how ever you want. I will respect your right. Then I will hunt you down.

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