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May 9th

The new scoring system in CBS Sport’s Fantasy Baseball bumps up points for innings pitched and cuts the score for saves in half. Thus, it’s no longer necessary to use closers for the designated relief pitcher spots. Example, A’s middle man Andrew Bailey. With 91 pts as of today, not only does he outscore the A’s current closer, Brad Ziegler (19 points), but also both of starting closers (Brad Lidge and “>Mariano Rivera) combined (44 + 19 pts).

I’m very intrigued, (I just traded away Lidge, so Ziegler is now my starting closer too). Saves are, in my opinion, not only overrated but distort how managers should use their bullpen. Why does your best reliever come on in last inning of games with leads of 3 points or less? Why send out Edwar Ramirez instead of Mariano Rivera to bail out struggling starters As of today, Rivera only pitched 11 1/3 innings at a time when Yankees starters and relievers are lit up early and often.

In contrast, Andrew Bailey has pitched 21 1/3 innings while notching only one save. Not only does he appear regularly, he is also allowed to pitch up to two innings in certain situations, something to closers would be considered overworking them.

Phillies setup man Clay Condrey outscored Lidge total number of points in his first week.

As the Yankees repeatedly show, the rest of the bullpen is more important than its closer. I’m glad the new scoring system highlight their importance.

Team news (Freelance Pornographers): I think I got the better of a two for one deal. I traded away Brad Lidge and Chris Volstad for CC Sabathia this week. Lidge is not having a good season so far after being lights out all of last season. Volstad is doing very well, but I am certain his innings will drop as he is a young pitcher (plus I drafted him in the last round for one hell of a bargain). I get CC Sabathia, who until last night was struggling mightily. Of course, he just uncorked a 4 hit complete game shutout so I am very happy to get him on his turnaround. With the extra spot, I picked up Mark Buerhle, who I hope will eat plenty of innings and not be lit up.

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