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May 12th

Or in it less common vernacular, live in reality. It’s annoying when friends and family point out your shortcomings, but it’s even more unbearable when strangers do it.

Such is the plight of Miss California Carrie Prejean, For honestly answering a question about gay marriage (a position I disagree with), lefties are digging up as many examples of living an “Unchristian” lifestyle (because liberals are such experts in living a Christian life).

I barely have any idea what it’s like to be a Christian and, as a man, I am enjoying all the topless and bikini pics of Miss Prejean very much. But I am a moral person and I rather fail in becoming a moral person than to succeed as an immoral one. My personal shortcomings does not invalidate my ideals.

I am also glad various activists and politician who espouse the wonders of more Socialism in our lives don’t actually welcome it into their own lives. You can thank hypocrisy that extremist views have not translated to extremist actions.

Everybody should embrace their hypocrisy and tell the detractors to shove it.

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