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May 28th

Face it. COD: WAW borrowed heavily from its predecessor and this is no different. Other than a bayonet attachment, the Type 99 is the same gun a the AK-47. While the Type 99 is easier to use, as are all the weapons in WaW, dealing with SMG’s in WaW is a bitch.

If you can deal with the d-bags charging with Type 100′s and Thompsons, MP5 and AK-74 players are a breeze. The Type 99′s long range capabilities are also useful. As long as you burst fire and track with your mouse, it can take down snipers. Because the maps in WaW are larger, it will translate very well with the AK-47.

These two weapons are my bread and butter and they have the same exact setup too (Iron sights, Bandolier, Stopping Power, Deep Impact). Just remember to try to use the sights at all times except for very close combat. Practice often and these will become the two best weapons in each respective game.

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