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May 24th

Recently, out of boredom, I went back to playing in different aspects of COD I’ve been avoiding for months. Here’s what happened.

Call of Duty 4: Hardcore mode

verdict: No! No! No!

I figure I could practice in hardcore mode so I am less dependent on the radar and HUD, but getting killed constantly but BS shots (Dragunov through a wall, etc.) has brought that experiment to an end. I now understand the developers intent in normal mode. As opposed to real life, it’s really easy to kill someone on Call of Duty (and any other game). The developers try to balance this by making players able to take a few hits before going down. Unrealistic, but it makes the game more balanced. Hardcore mode takes away the ability of take a few extra hits without taking away the ease of shooting a weapon, which unbalances the game. And with COD4′s relatively small environments, it makes for an unpleasant experience I really don’t want to deal with. So no.

Call of Duty: World at War

verdict: yes, but only because I’m on a mission

World at War is still child’s play compared to Modern Warfare, but I am going back because I have a goal this time. It is to break the tyranny of the SMG (small machine gun). The SMG in World at War is overpowered, with its massive magazines thanks to the drum cartridge attachment. One slightly above average player can run through a group, take out 3-4 guys before having to reload. They do have a fatal flaw, however, and that is their absolute lack of range. This is something in a typical PUG absolutely no one exploits. My goal is to dominate PUG’s using anything but SMG’s (mainly its bigger cousin, machine guns). I will show people who’s boss.

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